Dec 27 2021

Experts monitor ongoing attacks using exploits for Log4j library flaws

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Researchers from DrWeb monitored attacks leveraging exploits for vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046, CVE2021-4104, and CVE-2021-42550) in the Apache Log4j library warning of the need to adopt protective measures.

The vulnerabilities can allow threat actors to execute arbitrary code on the target systems, trigger a Denial of Service condition, or disclose confidential information.

Dr. Web set up one of its honeypots to analyze the impact of the Log4J vulnerabilities on systems exposed online and discovered an intense activity between December 17th-20th.


“We record attacks using exploits for the vulnerabilities on one of our honeypots–a special server used by Doctor Web specialists as bait for fraudsters. The most active threat occurred between December 17th-20th, but attacks still continue.” reads the analysis published by DrWeb.

DayNumber of attacks
December 107
December 1120
December 1225
December 1315
December 1432
December 1521
December 1624
December 1747
December 1851
December 1933
December 2032
December 2114
December 2235
December 2336

The attacks are carried out from 72 different IP addresses, most of them were German IP addresses (21%), followed by Russia (19.4%), the USA and China (9.7%).

Log4J by [J. Steven Perry]

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