Sep 10 2023

ISO 27k1/2 Transitioning to the 2022 standards

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Implementing and auditing an Information Security Management System in small and medium-sized businesses

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Jul 12 2023

What is ISO 27001 and in What Situation this Cert will be appropriate?

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ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized Information Security Standard that is widely acclaimed. It is published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and provides a certifiable framework comprising security policies and procedures. The standard aims to assist organizations in safeguarding their data by implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

To obtain ISO 27001 certification, organizations must fulfill the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that aligns with their specific business needs. The ISO 27001 standard consists of two distinct parts: Clauses and Annex A. The Clauses outline the general requirements for an ISMS, while Annex A provides a set of controls and objectives that organizations can choose to implement based on their risk assessment and security requirements.

Clauses 4-10 in ISO 27001 consist of mandatory requirements that all organizations seeking certification must fulfill. Each clause includes several sub-requirements. Here is a brief overview of each clause:

  1. Clause 4: Context of the Organization – Organizations must determine the scope of their ISMS, identify internal and external issues relevant to information security, and define the interested parties.
  2. Clause 5: Leadership – Top management should demonstrate leadership and commitment to the ISMS by establishing policies, assigning responsibilities, and promoting awareness.
  3. Clause 6: Planning – This clause emphasizes the importance of risk assessment and treatment, setting objectives, and planning to achieve them.
  4. Clause 7: Support – Organizations must provide the necessary resources, competence, awareness, communication, and documented information to support the ISMS.
  5. Clause 8: Operation – This clause covers the implementation of risk treatment plans, management of changes, and effective operation of controls and processes.
  6. Clause 9: Performance Evaluation – Organizations need to monitor, measure, analyze, and evaluate the performance of the ISMS and conduct internal audits.
  7. Clause 10: Improvement – This clause focuses on nonconformities, corrective actions, continual improvement, and the management of incidents and improvements.

Meeting these mandatory requirements is crucial for organizations seeking ISO 27001 certification.

Annex A of ISO 27001 comprises a collection of security controls that are not obligatory but can be selectively implemented based on the specific needs of an organization. By conducting a risk assessment, organizations can identify the security controls that align with their security program and effectively address their risks and vulnerabilities. This approach allows organizations to tailor the implementation of controls to their unique requirements and enhance their overall information security posture.

After establishing the necessary policies, procedures, and documentation for ISO 27001 compliance and ISMS is operational, organizations can engage an accredited certification body to perform an audit. This audit assesses the implementation and effectiveness of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) against the ISO 27001 requirements. If the audit is successful and the organization meets all the necessary criteria, an ISO 27001 certificate will be issued, validating the organization’s adherence to the standard and their commitment to information security.

By adhering to ISO 27001 standards, organizations can establish robust policies, procedures, and technology measures that effectively safeguard their data, regardless of its location. This comprehensive approach significantly reduces the risk of cyber-attacks and fosters a culture of information security within the organization.

Obtaining ISO 27001 certification serves as a notable competitive advantage for businesses, irrespective of their industry or size. The certification acts as concrete evidence to customers that the organization is dedicated to protecting their data and fulfilling contractual security obligations. Moreover, ISO 27001 certification holds international recognition, making it instrumental in expanding global business opportunities and establishing trust with partners worldwide.

DISC LLC offers the expertise of a team comprised of former ISO auditors and experienced practitioners who can assist in preparing your organization for a successful ISO 27001 audit. Their services aim to guide you towards certification by identifying and addressing any gaps that may exist within your current security program. They provide support in implementing the required policies, procedures, and technologies to meet the ISO 27001 standards. With their knowledge and experience, DISC LLC can help your organization navigate the certification process and ensure a solid foundation for information security.

Following the attainment of ISO 27001 certification, we offer services to manage and maintain your Information Security Management System (ISMS). Our expert team will diligently oversee and guide your ISMS to ensure ongoing compliance with ISO 27001 requirements, thereby facilitating future certifications. By entrusting us with the management of your ISMS, you can focus on your core business activities while maintaining the necessary level of information security and sustaining your commitment to ISO 27001 standards.

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help and we’re always looking for ways to improve our services. You can reach us by email (, or through our website’s contact form.

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Jun 27 2023

How to transition to the 2022 version of ISO27001

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By Chris Hall

This article gives some guidance on how to transition to ISO27001:2022 from the 2013 version.

This approach is tried and tested in that I have used it to successfully transition an organization to the new version. In the transition audit there were no nonconformities.

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How to transition to the 2022 version of ISO27001

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May 03 2023

What Is ISO 27001 And How To Go About It The Right Way

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What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is a globally recognized standard on information and cyber security. By being compliant with this standard, you are operating in accordance with globally identified best practices. By being ISO 27001 certified, you’re not only operating in accordance with it, but you will also receive a clear stamp as evidence to your customers and other stakeholders that you are working aligned with security best practices.

Common Trap When Pursuing ISO 27001

Often companies who want to pursue ISO 27001 will quickly drop the idea when they start looking into the standard – this is because, often companies fall into the trap of starting with the controls as specified in ISO 270002 . When you only focus on the controls and implementation guidance, it can feel overwhelming and be frustrating as you will notice a lot of the implementation guidance will not make sense to your company and you can be under the impression that you are required to follow all the implementation guidance in order to become compliant or go for the certification.

This is false!

Falling into this trap, you are missing out on the core purpose of the standard. It is not about implementing all the controls and all the guidance you get from the standard – it is about building a functional management system that is aligned with your company context – it is about understanding the issues and risks you as a company are facing, and taking the appropriate measures to protect your assets and information.

How To Go About It The Right Way!

You should always start by focusing on the standard clauses in ISO 27001 that provide clear guidance on how to build a functional management system, when this is done correctly the controls will fall into place in the correct order at the right time in accordance with your company context and the risks that you as a company need to manage.

When people say that small companies should not pursue iso because it is too complex and has too many requirements – the above is the reason why it does not have to be.

All companies should prioritize and have a functional management system on how they secure their own company and the company assets. Protecting your values is a crucial element to stay in business!

Make sure you understand your company, your needs, and please avoid looking at other companies and the measures they have taken to protect themself and think that you have to do the same. Make your management system your own, build it so that it isdesigned to protect your assets. This way, you will have greater success and security will not be something that is forced on your company, it will be a tool to help you work more efficiently and securely.


To sum it up, ISO 27001 is a great standard to pursue both for small and large organizations.

Make sure you understand the purpose of the standard, and as a result implement a management system that is a perfect fit for your organization for long term success. ISO 27001 done right will result in a more secure and effective company that will again support the main goal of business continuity.

ISO 27001 Risk Assessment and Gap Assessment

Cybersecurity Management Solution Pack:

What is BS ISO/IEC 27001:2022 – Expert Commentary about?
BS ISO/IEC 27001:2022 is the third edition of this standard. It technically revises, cancels, and replaces the Second Edition – ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (also published as BS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017). BS ISO/IEC 27001:2022 presents the requirements for an information security management system (ISMS). An ISMS assists an organization to preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape, no matter the source of risk. Thus, it deals with threats that can be technological, human, physical and environmental in nature.

The standard requires an organization to adopt a risk management framework to determine the necessary information security controls best suited to their business needs and risk appetite. To help organizations ensure that they have not inadvertently omitted any necessary control, the framework uses a reference set of controls (BS ISO/IEC 27001, Annex A), which also facilitates reliable comparisons to be drawn between organizations. The level of change incorporated into the revised version of the standard is medium.

The main changes compared to the previous edition are:
a fully revised reference information security control set (Annex A), which now aligns with ISO/IEC 27002:2022 and
alignment with the revised harmonized structure (HS) for management system standards.

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Aug 22 2022

What are the differences between the 2013 and 2022 editions of ISO/IEC 27002?

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What are the differences between the 2013 and 2022 editions of ISO/IEC 27002

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