Sep 26 2021

STILL ALIVE! iOS 12 gets 3 zero-day security patches – update now

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If you’ve already listened to this week’s Naked Security Podcast you’ll know that we had finally concluded that iOS 12, the version before the version before the latest-and-greatest iOS 15, which arrived this Monday…

…had been dumped forever by Apple.

Apple notoriously won’t tell you anything about the security situation in its products unless and until it has a patch out.

So when iOS 14 got updated in the last couple of patch cycles, but iOS 12 didn’t, we couldn’t tell whether it was still safe and didn’t need the patches, whether it needed the patches but they’d be a bit late, or whether it needed the patches but would never get them.

And with iOS 15 arriving as the new kid on the block this week, we assumed the worst, following the “one-in-one-out” principle.

We haven’t finished because we haven’t even started

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