Mar 25 2021

Chrome to Enforce HTTPS Web Protocol (Like It or Not)

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If you type in, Chrome version 90 will send you directly to the secure version of the site. Surprisingly, that’s not what it currently does—instead, Google’s web browser relies on the insecure site to silently redirect you.

That’s slow. And it’s a privacy problem, potentially. This seemingly unimportant change could have a big—if unseen—impact.

So long, cleartext web. In today’s SB Blogwatch, we hardly knew ye.

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What a Difference an ‘s’ Makes

What’s the craic? Thomas Claburn reports—“Chrome 90 goes HTTPS by default”:

 Lack of security is currently the norm in Chrome. … The same is true in other browsers. … This made sense in the past when most websites had not implemented support for HTTP.

But these days, most of the web pages loaded rely on secure transport. … Among the top 100 websites, 97 of them currently default to HTTPS. [So] when version 90 of Google’s Chrome browser arrives in mid-April, initial website visits will default to a secure HTTPS connection.

Chrome to Enforce HTTPS Web Protocol (Like It or Not)

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