Sep 01 2020

Is China the World’s Greatest Cyber Power?

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While the US, Russia, Israel, and several European nations all have sophisticated cyber capabilities, one threat intelligence firm argues that China’s aggressive approach to cyber operations has made it perhaps the world’s greatest cyber power.

Source: Is China the World’s Greatest Cyber Power?

Is China the World’s Greatest Cyber Power?

“The goal is simple: break down trust in democracies, disrupt election cycles or manipulate democratic election results, and gain economic advantage over adversaries to advance global position and power,” according to the report.

“Over the past decade, China has become increasingly forthright in its intentions, and this change has been observed in cyber operations as well,” the report states. “Researchers have observed stark differences in tactics, tone, and behavior from Chinese state-sponsored cyber, military, and political parties over the past several years.”

“When it comes to China, cyber is not a tactical weapon, it is a strategic means to an end,” Maor says. “And if you are wondering what that end is, it is not something secret — it is something that is published every five years.”

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