Apr 26 2022

Nation-state Hackers Target Journalists with Goldbackdoor Malware

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A campaign by APT37 used a sophisticated malware to steal information about sources , which appears to be a successor to Bluelight.

Sophisticated hackers believed to be tied to the North Korean government are actively targeting journalists with novel malware dubbed Goldbackdoor. Attacks have consisted of multistage infection campaign with the ultimate goal of stealing sensitive information from targets. The campaign is believed to have started in March and is ongoing, researchers have found.

Researchers at Stairwell followed up on an initial report from South Korea’s NK News, which revealed that a North Korean APT known as APT37 had stolen info from the private computer of a former South Korean intelligence official. The threat actor–also known as Ricochet Collima, InkySquid, Reaper or ScarCruft—attempted to impersonate NK News and distributed what appeared to be a novel malware in an attempt to target journalists who were using the official as a source, according to the report.

NK News passed details to Stairwell for further investigation. Researchers from the cybersecurity firm uncovered specific details of the malware, called Goldbackdoor. The malware is likely a successor of the Bluelight malware, according to a report they published late last week.

“The Goldbackdoor malware shares strong technical overlaps with the Bluelight malware,” researchers wrote. “These overlaps, along with the suspected shared development resource and impersonation of NK News, support our attribution of Goldbackdoor to APT37.”

APT37 was previously seen using Bluelight as a secondary payload last August in a series of watering hole attacks against a South Korean newspaper that used known Internet Explorer vulnerabilities.

As Stairwell researchers noted, journalists are “high-value targets for hostile governments,” and often the target of cyber-espionage attacks. In fact, one of the biggest security stories of last year was various governments’ use of the NGO Group’s Pegasus spyware against journalists, among other targets.

“[Journalists] often are aggregators of stories from many individuals–sometimes including those with sensitive access,” Stairwell researchers wrote. “Compromising a journalist can provide access to highly-sensitive information and enable additional attacks against their sources.”

Multi-Stage Malware

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