May 27 2012

Social Engineering: An essential book and must have competency

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Chris Hadnagy has a website on the topic of Social Engineering and assisted in developing Social Engineering Toolkit (SET). This topic and knowledge apply to every person who keep sensitive information and organization who want to protect private information leakage into public domain via people. If you are interested in knowing the art of social engineering, this is an outstanding book.

Hadnagy recommends tools to store information you obtain during target investigation. He covers Google hacks in this book and mentioned Johnny Long as a source. He covers pretexting (disguise) or “creating an invented scenario to persuade a target victim to release information or perform some action.” He provides preparation tools for social engineer for the situation at hand and also warns you about legality if you are crossing the line. There is an important section on “Building Instant Rapport” which is an essential read. Hadnagy describe the powers of persuasion to take over the target and provides eight tactics for influencing people.

Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking“, by Chris Hadnagy is a must have book.”

Discover the secrets of expert con men and human hackers

No matter how sophisticated your security equipment and procedures may be, their most easily exploitable aspect is, and has always been, the human infrastructure. The skilled, malicious social engineer is a weapon, nearly impossible to defend against.

This book covers, in detail, the world’s first framework for social engineering. It defines, explains, and dissects each principle, then illustrates it with true stories and case studies from masters such as Kevin Mitnick, renowned author of The Art of Deception. You will discover just what it takes to excel as a social engineer. Then you will know your enemy.

  • Tour the Dark World of Social Engineering

    Learn the psychological principles employed by social engineers and how they’re used

    Discover persuasion secrets that social engineers know well

    See how the crafty crook takes advantage of cameras, GPS devices, and caller ID

    Find out what information is, unbelievably, available online

    Study real-world social engineering exploits step by step

  • Get your copy today Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking

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