Sep 07 2022

PenTesting at the speed of Your SDLC

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Cobalt’s has announced a new offering, Agile Pentesting! With Agile Pentesting, conduct a pentest that has a targeted scope focused on a specific area of an asset, or a specific vulnerability across an asset. Agile Penesting is flexible in nature, and aligns pentesting to DevSecOps workflows in a way that’s friction-free.

Leverage Agile Pentesting to level up your security program for:

* New Release Testing: pentest a new release before or shortly after it reaches production

* Delta Testing: pentest for incremental improvements based on code differences since date or version

* Single OWASP Category Testing: pentest a single vulnerability or small subset of vulnerabilities across an asset to validate fixes 

* Microservice Testing: pentest Kubernetes within AWS, Azure, or GCP, as well as hosted network devicesReady to ship code securely with Cobalt’s Agile Pentesting?

Ready to ship code securely with Cobalt’s Agile Pentesting?

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