Aug 11 2012

ISO 27001 Information Security Incident Management

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English: ISMS activities and their relationshi...

English: ISMS activities and their relationship with Risk Management (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Section 13 of Annex A handle information security incident management. One of the important thing to know about this section is the difference between an event and an incident.

Information Securty Event: is an occurance of a system, service or netwrok state indicating a possible breach of information security policy or failure of safeguards.

Informtaion Security Incident: is indicated by a single or series of unwanted information security events that have a significant probability of compromising business operations.

IT Governance: An International Guide to Data Security and ISO27001/ISO27002

This video covers Section A.13 of ISO 27001. This refers to the reporting of information security events and weaknesses and the management of information security.

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