Jan 18 2021

Introduction to Hacking

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This book will show you how Hacking works. You will have a chance to understand how
attackers gain access to your systems and steal information. Also, you will learn what you
need to do in order to protect yourself from all kind of hacking techniques.

Structured on 10 chapters, all about hacking, this is in short what the book covers in its

  • The type of hackers
  • How the process of Hacking works and how attackers cover their traces
  • How to install and use Kali Linux
  • The basics of CyberSecurity
  • All the information on malware and cyber attacks
  • How to scan the servers and the network
  • WordPress security & Hacking
  • How to do Google Hacking
  • What’s the role of a firewall and what are your firewall options
  • What you need to know about cryptography and digital signatures
  • What is a VPN and how to use it for your own security

Get this book NOW. Hacking is real, and many people know how to do it. You can protect
yourself from cyber attacks by being informed and learning how to secure your computer and
other devices.

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