Apr 15 2013

Implications of becoming a cybersecurity victim

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What are the potential implications of becoming a cybersecurity victim?

  • PWC/DTI Information Security Breaches Survey 2012
    • 93% large businesses suffered security incident last year
    • Average cost of worst incident for large business £110k to £250k
    • The average large organisation had 71 security breaches in the previous year, up from just 45 two years previously.
  • National High Tech Crime Unit survey 2004
    • Of 201 respondents 167 (83%) experienced high-tech crime in 2003
    • Impact of these crimes > £195million

Online, Keep Safe Resources

Below are some free online resources which any smaller business or home owner will find useful:

Safeguard your computer

* Workstations should be set up in a secure, clean, calm, stable environment.

* Don’t have loose cables that might be a safety hazard; tripping over a cable and pulling it out of the computer

*  Always log out of and shut down Windows, and switch your computer off when it’s not in use.

* The biggest risk associated with laptops (also known as notebooks) is, in fact, the loss or theft of the laptop.

The Essential Guide to Home Computer Security

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