Full details of security vuln plus proof-of-concept exploits revealed

This critical-severity bug – scoring 9.9 out of 10 on the CVSS v3 meter – can be exploited by a rogue authenticated user, or someone whose access has been hijacked, to inject arbitrary code into an application server. This means they can run malicious commands they shouldn’t be able to on the server, download sensitive information, or crash the installation.

“In consequence, an attacker can break out of the desired syntactic instructions. Injecting ABAP code in the VALUE field allows the attacker to manipulate the source code of the generated subroutine pool and thereby the execution logic of the entire module. Since the attacker can freely choose the characters that can be used in this field, arbitrary ABAP code can be injected.

“To exploit this behavior an attacker can supply special characters like ‘ and . to escape the string quotation that is built into the source code. Afterwards, an attacker can simply specify any semantically valid ABAP code that gets executed by the application server.”

Source: If you haven’t yet patched this critical hole in SAP NetWeaver Application Server, today is not your day


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