Feb 09 2021

How Venturing Into The Shady Side of The Dark Web Will Most Likely Get You Scammed or Arrested

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The internet has come to be so developed, complex and ‘intelligent’ that, at present, you could say it is alive (like Skynet or The Matrix predicted?). Billions of people are online, every day, using the internet for work, entertainment, advice, you name it -it’s probably on the internet. We are now in the age of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (or A.I for short). This period is an evolution, a transformation in the digital industry. Not only are petabytes of data being circulated on the internet (millions of terabytes); with A.I and Big Data all of this data is being put to use. This is effectively teaching the internet about user behavior, increasing the knowledge-base and making the internet into a neural-network able to ‘think’ for itself.

That’s all fine and dandy, but what about the dark side of the internet? Well, the evolution of the internet has spread so wide on countless digital channels and platforms, that the need to regulate and police the internet has risen. On such a vast network, there are countless dark organizations and cybercriminals looking to use the practicality of the internet as a communication tool for illegal activity. This can mean hacking and stealing data in the virtual realm, and it can also translate to the worst kinds of illicit activity imaginable in the physical realm.

So, let’s look at what lies beneath, in the underground world beneath the internet which is called the Deep Web. Then we’ll go even deeper down, and find out why the Dark Web is a dangerous and hostile place.

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