Feb 20 2021

How safe is our water supply from cyberattacks?

Category: Cyber AttackDISC @ 6:52 pm

Our sister station WFLA in Tampa Florida reported earlier this month that a hacker altered the levels of chemicals in the water supply of a Florida city to ‘potentially damaging’ levels. A plant operator at a water treatment facility in Oldsmar, Florida noticed someone had remotely accessed the computer system he was monitoring and increased the sodium hydroxide levels in the city’s water substantially.

The hack was caught before anyone was hurt by it, but KX wanted to know: how safe is our local water supply from cybersecurity threats? So, we went to the Bismarck Water Treatment Plant to find out.

“We’re well aware of what happened in Florida, it definitely reached the news nationwide and it really is relevant for drinking water systems. Our drinking water system, it would not be possible to do the same type of activity.”

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