Feb 23 2021

How do I select a network monitoring solution for my business?

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Network monitoring is essential for any organization with a network. Requirements may vary, but in general any IT team is going to need a single, comprehensive solution that shows the entire network in context and makes diagnosing network issues fast and easy.

An effective solution should be able to discover every device connected to the network, automatically generate a network map showing connections and give administrators an easy way to run device inventories and determine what should be monitored.

The solution should generate alerts for a myriad of network issues and support customizable thresholds, so the IT team can proactively respond before end users are impacted. It should monitor the entire network infrastructure (physical, virtual and cloud) while also supporting network traffic analysis, network and application performance monitoring, configuration management and log management. As well, the ability to automate common administrative tasks or implement self-healing actions will drastically reduce the workload of the IT team.

The importance of ease-of-use cannot be overstated! The solution also needs to be able to scale to meet future needs and should support widely geographically distributed networks. Integration with 3rd-party systems is also a key requirement, whether by out-of-the-box connectors or via a robust API.

How do I select a network monitoring solution for my business?

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