When Rinki Sethi heard that her 7th grade daughter applied to take a technology innovation class as an elective, she was thrilled. Sethi, who joined Twitter in September as its chief information security officer, said one of her passions is getting more young women interested in technology.

But when her daughter found out that she didn’t get into the class, Sethi discovered a troubling statistic: 18 slots for the class went to boys, while only 9 were filled by girls. “I went and sat down with the principal and asked: ‘Why are we turning down girls if that’s what the ratio looks like?’” Sethi recounted Monday at a virtual panel centered around women in cybersecurity. “We need more women to enter this field, and I think that’s the biggest problem—how do we get more women and girls interested.” 

Source: How a push to remote work could help fix cybersecurity’s diversity problem