Dec 06 2021

Hackers are sending receipts with anti-work messages to businesses’ printers

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Hackers are targeting printers of businesses around the world to print ‘anti-work’ slogans pushing workers to demand better pay.

Multiple employees are sharing on Twitter and Reddit the images of anti-work messages sent to the printers of their organizations. The messages encourage workers to protect their rights and discuss their pay with coworkers and demand better pay.

“The posts were made on the r/Antiwork subreddit which describes itself as a community ‘for those who want to end work, are curious about ending work, want to get the most out of a work-free life, want more information on anti-work ideas

“ARE YOU BEING UNDERPAID? You have a protected LEGAL RIGHT to discuss your pay with your coworkers. […] POVERTY WAGES only exist because people are ‘willing’ to work for them.” reads the message.

“How can the McDonald’s in Denmark pay their staff $22 an hour and still manage to sell a Big Mac for less than in America?” reads one of the receipts.

The printed receipt encouraged employees to form unions because ‘Unions’ are the only organizations that could “easily align everyone’s goals.”

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