Presentation Abstract:by Anthony M. Freed

“The explosive growth of Internet and IP-enabled devices is reshaping communication, collaboration and commerce opportunities for individuals and organizations around the world. At the same time, miscreants are abusing the Internet’s open and any-to-any communication architecture for malicious purposes, leaving many users at risk and the future of a secure Internet as an aspiration rather than a reality.”

“The current cybersecurity model is reactive, disconnected and unable to keep pace with the seismic explosion in malware. Providing protection to a heterogeneous world of connected devices requires a new approach to security.”

“McAfee CTO George Kurtz will show that incremental improvements can’t bridge the opportunity gap and explain the required paradigm shift of driving security down the stack.”

Hacker Halted: McAfee’s George Kurtz Discusses the War on Security

Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets and Solutions, Sixth Edition by George Kurtz