Jul 25 2017

Fundamentals of Information Risk Management Auditing

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New information and IT risks seem to be everywhere, so it is essential that organizations address these risks in the context of enterprise risk management (ERM).
ERM is a practice that has become increasingly popular. It’s important that an organization’s information risk management specialist or auditor understands this practice because much of their work will need to be in the context of ERM.
Kick-start your career in information risk management with introductory guidance.

Fundamentals of Information Risk Management Auditing

Provides insight and guidance into information risk management and ERM, ideal for those considering a career in information risk management, for non-specialist auditors, and for managers.
This book will give you an introduction to:
Risk and risk management
Information security and management risks
Concepts of application controls

Gain an insight into the risks and controls/mitigations that you might encounter when performing or managing an audit of information risk.
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Author Podcast: Fundamentals of Information Risk Management Auditing, with Christopher Wright

In the podcast Christopher discusses Lean, Agile, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and ERM.
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