Dec 13 2019

Data Security Solutions for Fintech Startups

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By Ena Kadribasic on Security

The fintech sector has brought consumers an endless stream of modern offerings that have enabled them to ditch several outdated banking and lending products.

Companies now have advanced B2B payment solutions at their fingertips, and online financial solutions have never been more convenient – largely thanks to the progress made by fintech startups.

But, despite being on the cutting edge of digital financial products, young fintech companies are at a disadvantage in a wildly important arena: data security.

With limited resources, growing compliance regulations around the world, and a constantly-evolving list of increasingly dangerous cyber threats, fintech startups face a uniquely difficult uphill battle.

And, with data breaches continuing to leer as an ever-present security threat, fintech firms are turning to new and advanced approaches to data privacy.

But, first, what do we mean when we talk about data security for startups?

Source: Data Security Solutions for Fintech Startups

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