Apr 09 2021

How do I select an attack detection solution for my business?

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When selecting an attack detection solution, no single product will provide the adequate detection needed that is required to detect and defend against the current advanced threat landscape. The holistic aspect of defending against threat actors requires technology, expertise, and intelligence.

The technology should be a platform of integrated technologies providing detection at each point of entry that a threat actor may use such as email, endpoint, network, and public cloud. These should not be disparate technologies that don’t work together to holistically defend the organization.

We must use technologies that can scale against threat actors that have a very large number of resources. The technology should also be driven by intelligence cultivated from the frontlines where incident responders have an unmatched advantage. It is also important to remember that post-exploitation, threat actors masquerade as your own employee’s making it difficult to know legitimate from non-legitimate activity occurring on the network or your endpoints.

This is where intelligence and expertise is extremely valuable to determine when a threat actor is operating within the organization. Being able to identify the threat actors “calling card” and potential next moves, is paramount. While many solutions will claim they defend against advanced threats, it is important to understand the experience that a vendor has and how that is included into their product offering.

How do I select an attack detection solution for my business?

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Jun 20 2019

Seth : Perform A MitM Attack From RDP Connections

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Seth is a tool written in Python and Bash to MitM RDP connections by attempting to downgrade the connection in order to extract clear text credentials.

Source: Seth : Perform A MitM Attack From RDP Connections

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