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Cyber Resilience Guidance Standards Kit

The standards in the Cyber Resilience Guidance Standards Kit provide expert guidance on cyber security and business continuity. These standards will help you build on the guidance of the standards in the Cyber Resilience Core Standards Kit. The standards included in this kit are: PAS 555:2013:- This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) document from BSI details what good […]

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Business Downtime and Disaster Recovery

Infographic: Business Downtime and Disaster Recovery The Internet is the largest store of information ever created, and those who can harness its power stand to reap tremendous rewards. However, handling data is also a significant responsibility, and disasters can cause severe problems. Here are a few facts about downtime and how to recover from disasters. […]

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Why achieve a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan

What would you do if your systems were hacked or compromised by a virus? How would your IT systems cope in the event of flooding or an explosion? What if your IT systems simply stopped working? IT has brought many benefits to business. However, IT failures can seriously damage your ability to deliver products and […]

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