Mar 12 2023

Bring a firewall anywhere you go with this Deeper Connect Pico

As threats to both data security and personal privacy pile up, fighting back has never been more important. The Deeper Connect Pico packs both privacy tools and cybersecurity protection into a unit you can drop into your pocket.

The Pico is easy to install, taking just a minute to set up and connect. It has no subscriptions to manage or add-ons to buy, as it’s a hardware tool. Nor will it require any updates, as it’s built to be a plug-and-play device and comes with a wireless adapter.

Powered from any USB source and drawing only 1W of power, it weighs just .11 lbs and is only 3.4 inches long by 1.2 inches wide. The brushed aluminum casing is rugged and discreet, so you can throw it in your bag, hang it off your keychain, or keep it in your pocket.

Once connected, the Pico drops an enterprise-grade seven-layer firewall in front of snoops and malicious actors. Using an onboard quad-core ARM processor strong enough to work on the blockchain while you’re idle, the firewall prevents common attacks and alerts you when they happen, so you can take further action.

Also built into the hardware is an ad blocker that cuts off certain attacks and guards your privacy. It’s backed up by one-click parental control, so kids can log onto public networks while you keep the rules in place.

Providing extra security, the decentralized private network (DPN) uses other Picos as nodes for its network, with smart routing, multi-routing, and other functions across an ever-changing network that adds an extra layer of obfuscation for would-be snoops.

The world is becoming more complex, with more risks to your data when you connect to public networks. This hardware cybersecurity and VPN tool takes the worry out of connecting with others.

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