Feb 01 2024

7 hacking tools that look harmless but can do real damage

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One of the best ways to stay safe and secure when using your computers and other electronic devices is to be aware of the risks. For the past decade, that’s precisely what I’ve been doing.

Most risks are obvious: use strong passwords, don’t download and install software from untrustworthy websites, or hand your unlocked device to a third party.

However, there are less obvious — yet equally dangerous — risks that can result in device or network intrusion, or even device destruction.

Watch out: Some of the most effective and dangerous hacking tools are hard to tell apart from benign devices. They can even be cute.

1. Flipper Zero

2. O.MG cables

3. USBKill

4. USB Nugget

5. Wi-Fi Pineapple

6. USB Rubber Ducky

7. LAN Turtle

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