Feb 17 2021

5 Top Technology Tips for 21st Century College Students

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Take Care of College Technology Addiction

Due to technology’s entertaining nature, you are likely to spend more than the recommended amount of time on it. If you find yourself taking more than 5 hours daily on social media websites, that is already a sign that you are leading towards technology addiction. In such a case, you may not focus on college academic work. Consequently, you may record unimpressive grades.

You need to find a way to deal with such an addiction. Create a plan with the specific hours you intend to spend on different daily activities. Stick to your routine and fight the urge to use your phone at inappropriate times. Ensure you have hit your daily targets before you use your tablet.

The trick is to ensure you maintain your focus. Besides, do not forget about face-to-face communication. Find time to spend with your friends. You can leave your technological devices in one location and travel to a different destination. It helps to ensure that you can live without these devices without feeling uncomfortable.

Safeguard Your Identity as You Surf Online

Although the internet has numerous advantages, there are also pitfalls to its use. For example, some tech-savvy people have the expertise to find people’s passwords within minutes.  If you are a lazy person who prefers simple passwords, you may become a victim. They can use this information to your detriment.

How do you ensure your details are safe as you work online? For every account you sign up for, use a strong password. It could be a mixture of lower and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Where possible, use the two-step authentication feature.

What are the additional tips that can help you? When entering an account password, ensure there is no one peeking over your shoulders. Do not allow untrustworthy people to use your devices. Additionally, do not click suspicious links.

5 Top Technology Tips for 21st Century College Students

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