Feb 13 2012

What Is a Security Incident and How to handle one

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A security incident is a computer, network, or paper based activity which results (or may result) in misuse, damage, denial of service, compromise of integrity, or loss of confidentiality of a network, computer, application, or data; and threats, misrepresentations of identity, or harassment of or by individuals using these resources.

Examples of incidents may include but not limited to the followings:
• Root-level attacks on networking infrastructure, critical systems, or large, multi-purpose or dedicated servers
• Compromise of privileged accounts on computer systems
• Denial-of-service attacks on networking infrastructure and critical systems
• Attacks launched on others from within umn.edu
• Compromise of individual user accounts or desktop (single-user) systems
• Scans of University systems originating from the Internet
• Spam and mail forgery that originates from, or is relayed through umn.edu
• Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses

Computer Security Incident Handling Guide

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