Jan 12 2023

vCISO Services – value added benefits of vCISO

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Most small-to medium-sized business (SMBs) hiring a CISO may be challenging business decision to find a suitable and affordablee candidate and the impacts of cyber breach to the SMBs can be devastating since many of those businesses are unable to sustain the costs of breach. A vCISO can provide the expertise needed to ensure your information security, privacy programs are succeeding and your company is prepared to assess and analyze an incident, all at cost-effective price.

DISC’s Virtual CISO (vCISO) service assists organizations to design, develop and implement information security programs based on various standards and regulations. We provide professional security services which includes but not limited to leadership team (strategic) but also a support team of security analysts (tactical) to solve distinct cybersecurity challenges to every organization.

Reasons to Consider a Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Expertise covering Industries:
vCISOs work with various clients across industries, opening them to events not attainable to CISOs experience in an isolated industry. The security knowledge gained by a vCISO from each client environment is different which ensures an improved expertise to assess the next organization, which positively impacts on the next client project.

Flexibility in Unique Business Environments:
vCISOs first gain a thorough understanding of each organization’s business model, company culture, risk tolerance, and objectives. From there, they gain an understanding of security risks faced by the organization. With a full view of the security landscape, the vCISO will communicate the findings to help clients make the appropriate security decisions for their environment.

Efficiency with Core Competencies:
A virtual CISO fills will prioritize security findings where organizations need it most. By focusing on cybersecurity strategy and implementation, vCISOs helps internal security team with control understanding and implementation responsibility. This enables both staff and cybersecurity leadership to remain dedicated to their respective core competencies.

Objective Independence:
vCISOs are an independent third party with an objective viewpoint and goals of helping clients make the best security decisions for their business.

DISC’s vCISO programs generally cost a fraction of a full-time CISO and supporting security team. According to salary.com report, the average salary for a CISO is $260,000 per year in California. On average, DISC’s vCISO clients pay a fraction of what it would cost to hire an in-house CISO.

Most important skills of vCISO: is to translate between business and IT as a facilitator

vCISO risk remediation solution:

  1. What is risk to business
  2. Likelihood of occurrence and what will be the risk to business
  3. Impact of occurring and what will be the risk to business
  4. Cost of fixing, implementing or remediating and what will be the residual risk

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