The threats are constantly shifting, subject to trends in cryptocurrency use, geopolitics, the pandemic, and many other things; for this reason, a clear sense of the landscape is essential. Below, you’ll find a quick guide to some of the most pressing threats of the coming year.

Linux and cloud infrastructure will continue to be a target

For threat actors, there is a simple calculus at play – namely, what method of attack is a) easiest and b) most likely to yield the biggest return? And the answer, at this moment, is Linux-based cloud infrastructure, which makes up 80%+ of the total cloud infrastructure. With cloud adoption increasing because of the pandemic, this has the potential to be a massive problem.

In just the last few months, ransomware gangs like BlackMatter, HelloKitty, and REvil have been observed targeting Linux via ESXi servers with ELF encryptors. And we have recently seen the PYSA ransomware gang adding Linux support. Meanwhile, experts are identifying new and increasing complex Linux malware families, which adds to the already-mounting list of concerns. Working pre-emptively against these threats is more essential than ever.

The next target of nation-state attackers? The security community

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