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Windows 11 Security Scare—MS Nixes Fixes on Older PCs

Windows 11 won’t auto-update on slightly old PCs. It appears this includes security updates—although Microsoft PR is doing its usual trick of ghosting reporters who ask. This sounds like a terrible idea: A fleet of unpatched Windows 11 PCs connected to the internet? That’s a recipe for disaster. Stand by for Redmond to walk this one back in an embarrassing climbdown. In […]

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WhyNotWin11 is a better replacement for Windows 11’s PC Health Check

An open-source application called WhyNotWin11 acts as a better drop-in replacement for Microsoft’s PC Health Check app to determine if your hardware is compatible with Windows 11. This week, Microsoft announced that the next version of Windows is Windows 11 would be the next version of Windows and that it would be released as a free upgrade […]

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