Mar 28 2023

What is Malware and how to prevent it

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How to recognize and remove malware

What is Malware and how to prevent it

Malware comes in many forms: the unwanted programs can surface as pathogensspies, or remote controls in computers. Whether it’s a virus, spyware, or a Trojan horse, this harmful software should be kept well away from your computer. What are the different types of malware? We show you how to protect yourself from them and what steps to take if your computer or webspace are affected.

  1. What exactly is malware and what are the different types?
  2. Who is affected by malware and how do you recognize an attack?
  3. Preventative measures against malware
  4. Use internet applications wisely
  5. How to remove spyware, Trojans, viruses, etc.
  6. Malware on websites
  7. Never underestimate the dangers of malicious software


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