Apr 05 2022

Build your career with ISO 27701 training

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ISO 27701 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving a PIMS (privacy information management system).

Compliance with ISO 27701 shows customers and stakeholders that your organization takes privacy legislation seriously. ISO 27701 serves as an extension to ISO 27001. Organizations that have implemented ISO 27001 will be able to incorporate the controls and requirements of ISO 27701 to extend their existing data security practices to achieve complete coverage of data security and privacy management.

ITG Certified ISO 27701 PIMS Lead Implementer Training Course covers the key steps involved in implementing and maintaining an ISO 27701-compliant PIMS.

Certified ISO 27701 PIMS Lead Implementer Training Course

If you are already an ISO 27701 expert, have you considered developing your career as an auditor? ITG  Certified ISO 27701 PIMS Lead Auditor Training Course teaches you how to extend an ISO 27001 audit program and conduct a PIMS audit against ISO 27701.  

Certified ISO 27701 PIMS Lead Auditor Training Course

Enhance your privacy management with ISO 27701

ISO/IEC 27701 2019 Standard and Toolkit

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