Aug 20 2021

The warning signs of burnout and how to deal with it

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The consequences of such an action could prove dire for your business, though, so before you let another day of stress go by, read on to learn some warning signs and tips on how to deal with burnout. The goal is to get your team working at maximum capacity without overworking them.

Signs of burnout

Burnout is the word used to describe acute exhaustion when your work becomes overwhelming and too stressful. It can lead to poor performance, absenteeism, or resignations. It is a real problem in many industries, but it’s hugely prevalent in information security because of the long hours and high pressure.

Fortunately, burnout comes with early warning signs that you can spot and address. These include:

  • Anger at colleagues
  • A constant feeling of exhaustion that could manifest in team members getting lost in daydreams or even nodding off at their desk
  • Expressions of hopelessness or being overwhelmed by their responsibilities or current task
  • The team member isolating themselves from others, i.e., avoiding time out with colleagues or social events
  • Unhappiness in the role
  • An inability to stop and take breaks
  • An increase in working hours (coming in early, staying late, skipping lunch, or frequently emailing during out-of-office hours)

If any of your staff shows some of these symptoms, it’s time to act!

Taking steps to head off burnout

Time Off: A Practical Guide to Building Your Rest Ethic and Finding Success Without the Stress

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