Jul 27 2022

How DDoSecrets built the go-to home for Russian leaks

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How DDoSecrets built the go-to home for Russian leaks

American investigative reporter Emma Best knows how arduous it is to ask for information from government agencies. 

She made more than 5,000 such requests during her career at MuckRock, a non-profit ​​news site that publishes original government documents and conducts investigations based on them. Best was so persistent that the FBI temporarily banned her from filing any more information requests.

She found a way to cut through the government bureaucracy. Together with an anonymous partner known as The Architect, Best founded the whistleblower site Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets) in 2018. 

Since then, it has distributed hacked and leaked data from more than 200 entities, including U.S. law enforcement agencies, fascist groups, shell companies, tax havens, and the far-right social media sites Gab and Parler. 

Unlike cybercriminals who sell hacked data on the darknet for personal gain, DDoSecrets says it exposes leaked information for the public good. “Secrets can be used for extortion by threatening to make it public, while public information can’t,” Best said.

Her website has become a go-to place for whistleblowers and hackers, especially given the absence of its most famous predecessor, WikiLeaks, which has been inactive for the last two years.

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