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How Many Cybersecurity Pros do we Really Need?

How Many Cybersecurity Pros do we Really Need? We take it as gospel that we have a skills gap in cybersecurity. In fact, the narrative across most of the industry is that you need tools and you need automation because there aren’t enough people to do the work. And we believe it. But what if that’s not actually […]

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How to plan for increased security risks resulting from the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation is sweeping the world, and the causes and impacts are still being analyzed. Texas A&M University professor Anthony Klotz coined the term, predicting an unusual rise in voluntary resignations as employees anticipated the global pandemic coming to end and life returning to normal. Many employees stayed longer in roles because they were uncertain of […]

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How to retain the best talent in a competitive cybersecurity market

hiring and retaining the best talent has quickly become a top priority for most organizations today. In the cybersecurity industry, which faces an immense skills shortage, this is especially true. In fact, according to CompTIA and Cyber Seek, a job-tracking database from the U.S. Commerce Department, there are nearly 500,000 open positions in cybersecurity nationwide as of Q2 […]

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