Oct 18 2022

RedEye – CISA Developed Open-source Red Team Tool Monitoring C&C Server Activities

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A new open-source analytical tool dubbed RedEye designed to make it easier for operators to visualize and report activities associated with C2 communication has been released by CISA.

Both the red and blue teams can benefit from RedEye, as it provides an easy way to gauge data, leading to specific decisions that can be made with confidence.

RedEye – CISA Developed Open-source Red Team Tool Monitoring C&C Server Activities


A collaborative effort between CISA and DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has given birth to this analytical tool. 

A graphically displayed log of all servers and hosts associated with each campaign can be retrieved by RedEye users by correlating historical records of each campaign log.

In order to view relevant information about a campaign, users can upload campaign data via RedEye to view information such as:-

  • Beacons 
  • Commands

During the process of parsing log files, such as those generated by Cobalt Strike, the tool presents the information in a format that can be easily understood.

As a result, users are able to tag activities displayed within the tool and comment on them. Operators can present findings and workflow to stakeholders using the presentation mode that is available on the RedEye application.

To discover the payload activity analysts can also analyze all the key events in a selected campaign. In addition to using RedEye to check the raw data received after an assessment, blue teams can also use it to understand it better.

This data can be used by them to see the attack path and the compromised hosts to take the appropriate action based on what they have learned.

RedEye offers a wide range of features and all its key features are presented in the below video made by CISA:-

Apart from RedEye, the CISA have also released several other open-source tools like:-

  • Malcom
  • Sparrow

The following major platforms have been tested and proved to be compatible with RedEye:- 

  • Linux (Ubuntu 18 and above, Kali Linux 2020.1 or newer)
  • macOS (El Capitan and above)
  • Windows 7 or newer

Moreover, the CISA’s repository on GitHub hosts the tool, and it is available for download via the repository.

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