Jul 14 2021

Rebuilding your security culture as employees return to the office

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Set the stage for success

Whether employees have been with the company for seven years or seven months, when they return to the office they should be treated as if it’s their first day at the company. All members of the team, no matter how veteran, should go through a refresher on security practices.

Your security team can do this by teaching or reminding staff how to properly manage and move data within its appropriate environment to minimize possible data exposure. This promotes healthy security practices and provides regular and customized training for the entire team.

If your company is moving to a hybrid workforce approach, ensure your employees are set up with the right knowledge and/or equipment they need for dual offices to minimize data loss. For instance, encourage use of company drives to access data from both locations rather than porting data via thumb drives.

Create a positive intent security culture for your office

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Feb 24 2021

How Security Culture Invokes Secure Behavior

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Build a security culture

Build a Security Culture

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