Jan 03 2022

SEGA Europe left AWS S3 bucket unsecured exposing data and infrastructure to attack

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At the end of the year, gaming giant SEGA Europe inadvertently left users’ personal information publicly accessible on Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket, cybersecurity firm VPN Overview reported.

The unsecured S3 bucket contained multiple sets of AWS keys that could have allowed threat actors to access many of SEGA Europe’s cloud services along withMailChimp and Steam keys that allowed access to those services. in SEGA’s name.

“Researchers found compromised SNS notification queues and were able to run scripts and upload files on domains owned by SEGA Europe. Several popular SEGA websites and CDNs were affected.” reads the report published by VPN Overview.

sega vulnerabilities-hack-infographic-updated 2

The unsecured S3 bucket could potentially also grant access to user data, including information on hundreds of thousands of users of the Football Manager forums at community.sigames.com.

Below is the list of bugs in SEGA Europe’s Amazon cloud reported by the company:

Steam developer keyModerate
RSA keysSerious
PII and hashed passwordsSerious
MailChimp API keyCritical
Amazon Web Services credentialsCritical

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