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How to Make Sure You’re Not Accidentally Sharing Your Location

YOUR DEVICES AND apps really, really want to know where you are—whether it’s to tell you the weather, recommend some restaurants you might like, or better target advertising at you. Managing what you’re sharing and what you’re not sharing, and when, can quickly get confusing. It’s also possible that you have inconsistencies in the various location […]

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KAX17 threat actor is attempting to deanonymize Tor users running thousands of rogue relays

KAX17 ran relay servers in various positions within the Tor network, including entry and exit nodes, researchers at the Tor Project have removed hundreds of servers set up by the threat actor in October and November 2021. In August 2020, the security researcher that goes online with the moniker Nusenu revealed that in May 2020 a threat […]

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Apple Will Offer Onion Routing for iCloud/Safari Users

TOR Anonymity Network 101 If you have been searching for how to access the most private and secure part of the internet, then look no more! The TOR Anonymity Network 101 – An Introduction To The Most Private Part Of The Internet has everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about how to be completely anonymous […]

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Social networks and revealing anonymous

Image via CrunchBase Privacy is a fundamental human right and in US a constitutional right. Advancement in technology are breaking every barrier to our privacy; at this rate individuals will be stripped of their privacy unless we enact policy protections. In this situation we need to define reasonable privacy for a society in general while […]

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