Jun 15 2022

Murder suspect admits she tracked cheating partner with hidden AirTag

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Marion County, right in the middle of the US state of Indiana, and home to the state’s capital Indianapolis, is also currently home to a tragic court case.

(Thanks to fellow writers at The Register for that link – we couldn’t get to the official court site while we were writing this up.)

The short version of events is alleged to be as follows:

  • Accused decides her partner’s cheating.
  • Hides an Apple AirTag in the back of his car.
  • Tells partner she’s getting ready to boot him out.
  • Partner makes himself scarce.
  • Texts him to say she knows where he is.
  • Drives to the pub she thinks he’s in.
  • Confronts him and attacks the woman he’s with.
  • Gets thrown out of pub with the other two because of ruckus.
  • Drives off a short way but sees partner in parking lot.
  • Drives back and runs him over.
  • Traps partner under car.
  • Partner suffocates to death.

In the sombre and tragic words of the charge sheet, the court alleges that the accused “did knowingly kill another human being, […], all of which is contrary to statute and against the peace and dignity of the State of Indiana.”

The charge sheet makes interesting reading, and is a fascinating reminder of how old-school policing, such as promptly interviewing witnesses at the scene and securing relevant property that might be neeed in evidence…

…is mixed in with the need for today’s investigators to be familiar with modern technology and to how to involve it right from the start in the evidence they collect.


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