Aug 15 2012

Staff awareness training – an essential component of ISO27001

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Staff awareness and training are key for effective information security management and for achieving compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standard.

As clause 8.2.2 of ISO 27002 (the Code of Practice for Information Security Management) sets out, it is imperative that security issues are addressed at the employee level and that a firm foundation is built for an employee to understand the implications of his/her actions and be mindful of these in their daily activities.
More importantly, you need to keep evidence that you have conducted formal staff awareness training.

What better way to obtain this evidence than deploying Information Security Staff Awareness eLearning within your organization?

The software enables your own corporate e-learning management portal to automatically retain records of which staff have accomplished the course. You can easily monitor the compliance status of the organization and see hard evidence of each employee’s level of understanding.

Information Security & ISO27001 Staff Awareness eLearning course offers you tangible benefits whilst enabling you to impart basic, and yet fundamental training on information security within your organization

Benefits of this eLearning include:
• Massive financial cost savings in comparison to traditional training options
• Minimal office disruption – staff train at their desks
• Minimal administration – comprehensive reports available
• Systematic evidence that training has actually been provided – underpinning disciplinary actions
• Simple to use with relevant and informative content

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