Jul 30 2012

Six main benefits of Information Security Management System

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Information Security Wordle: RFC2196 - Site Se...

Information Security Wordle: RFC2196 - Site Security Handbook (Photo credit: purpleslog)


1. Business managers of the organizations will make informed decisions regarding potential risk and should be able demonstrate compliance with standards and regulations such as SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, DPA to their critical information on regular basis.

2. An ISMS is a defensive mechanism to any APT (advanced persistent threat) to minimize the impact from these external threats of various cybercrime.

3. Informed information security decisions will be made based on risk assessment to implement technical, management, administrative and operational controls, which is the most cost effective way of reducing risk. Highest priority risks are tackled first to attain best ROI in information security.

4. Information security is not an IT responsibility; In general everybody in an organization is responsible for protecting information assets and more specifically business manager. The business manager may delegate their responsibility.

5. Organization will improve credibility and trust among internal stakeholder and external vendors. The credibility and trust are the key factors to win a business.

6. ISMS raises awareness throughout the business for information security risks, involve all employees throughout an organization and therefore lower the overall risk to the organization.

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  1. disc7 says:

    ISMS is a part of doing business these days, soon your management will realize the importance of ISMS or one of your most importnant customer/vendor will ask you to have one. ISMS provides better information security and compliance work practices that support business goals & it is an Internationally recognized good security practice period.

  2. Why ISO 27001 certification should be a priorty says:

    […] Six main benefits of Information Security Management System based on ISO 27001 specifications […]

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