May 22 2020

Security executives succeeding in the chaotic coronavirus world

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What a crazy world we live in – employees working from home, “dirty” personal devices being used to access corporate data, furloughed employees still maintaining corporate IT assets and access – all while the quantity and variety of cyberattacks and fraud is drastically increasing. Corporate security executives have never had a harder set of challenges to deal with.

Source: Security executives succeeding in the chaotic coronavirus world


What is your greatest security concern right now?

The collective response to this question is that security executives are most worried about the increase in phishing campaigns and fraud, especially with distracted employees who aren’t as diligent with security hygiene while working from home. As one executive stated, “My greatest concern right now is social engineering resulting from cyberattacks on people wherever they are. High stress means reduced cognitive functions, so attackers may find it easier to do social engineering, which opens the door to everything else.”

Other major concerns include mitigating the impact of an increased attack surface and the need to enhance remote access controls to make certain organizational security levels are met despite a large majority of employees working remotely. For example, one executive further explained that she was most focused on mitigating the impact of this increased attack surface, particularly enhancing remote access controls such that the organization would be secure even if 100% of the employees were now remote. Enhancements to firewall, NAC, DLP and other solutions were required. Vendor risk also was a much greater concern for this executive, with third parties potentially now more vulnerable.

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