Mar 12 2023

Professional Certificates, Bachelors & Masters Program

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“Learning is an experience. Everything else is just an information.”

The quote implies that true learning is not just about acquiring information but also experiencing it in a way that creates a deeper understanding and meaning.

Learning involves more than just memorizing facts or acquiring knowledge. It requires actively engaging with the material, processing it, and making connections between different concepts. When we experience something, we engage with it on a deeper level, and this can lead to a more meaningful and lasting learning experience.

For example, imagine learning a new language by simply memorizing vocabulary words and grammar rules without ever actually practicing the language with native speakers or immersing oneself in the culture. In contrast, if we actively engage with the language by speaking it, listening to it, and experiencing the culture, we are more likely to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the language.

Therefore, while information is necessary for learning, it is not sufficient on its own. To truly learn and understand something, we must engage with it and experience it in a meaningful way.

Professional Certificate

PartnerProgram NameLink
HarvardXData Science
GTxIntroduction to Python Programming
UCSDPython Data Science
WhartonStrategic Management
UMD / USMxAgile Project Management
TUMxLean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
IBMApplied AI
HarvardXTiny Machine Learning (TinyML)
BerkeleyXThe Science of Happiness at Work
ColumbiaXCorporate Finance

MicroMasters® Programs

PartnerProgram NameLink
UQxBusiness Leadership
USMx, UMUCCloud Computing
UCSanDiegoXData Science
RITxDesign Thinking
IUxInformation Systems
USMx, UMUCInstructional Design and Technology
BerkeleyXMarketing Analytics
MITxSupply Chain Management
HECxUX Design and Evaluation

MicroMasters® Programs

PartnerProgram NameLink
StanComputer Science
RICExElements of Data Science
NYUxIntroduction to
UC3MxProgramming & Data
WGUxIntroduction to Information Technology
DoaneXMarketing Essentials

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    […] Professional Certificates, Bachelors & Masters Program […]

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