Aug 20 2023

Product showcase: Free email security test by ImmuniWeb Community Edition

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In 2022, global losses from business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise (EAC) attacks reached a record-breaking $43 billion, as reported by the FBI. Major cybersecurity companies like Microsoft and Trend Micro noted a surge in advanced phishing attacks earlier in the year, resulting in significant financial damages to organizations of all sizes. Concerns have risen among security experts about the potential for a surge in email credential attacks due to the widespread availability of generative AI technologies like ChatGPT. These attacks could range from simple social engineering tactics to complex schemes involving domain-squatting and spear-phishing, taking advantage of previously stolen personal information. Despite increasing spending on corporate cybersecurity, the risk of such attacks continues to rise.

To aid organizations in evaluating their vulnerability to email-related security, privacy, and compliance risks, ImmuniWeb has introduced a free email security test as part of its Community Edition. This online tool performs over 200,000 security scans daily, helping small and medium-sized enterprises, educational institutions, non-profits, municipal governments, and individual developers identify a wide range of cybersecurity and compliance issues. The aim is to bolster foundational cyber resilience and information security for these entities.

for more details on free email security test:

Product showcase: Free email security test by ImmuniWeb Community Edition

The Art of Email Security: Putting Cybersecurity In Simple Terms

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