Jul 11 2011

Privacy and Law

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Your personal info is manageable and controlable most of the time as far as privacy is concern , until you have to use it for commercial use (to apply cxredit card, to apply for bank account or to apply for a job). then it depends on these commercial entities how they are goning to use, share, manage or secure your personal information. Most of the laws regarding privacy tells you how your privacy being violated but they leave to us how to make these commercial entities to protect our personal information or stop them from selling it to the highest bidder.

Below are the some of the privacy protection laws for consumers which you need to be aware of:

Privacy act of 1974: this legoslation prohibits the federal government from creating secret database on individuals and limits how agencies can share information. This give you the right to request your information and to sue the government for failing to follow the Act. This might be important to know for the people who are on the no fly list database. For more details check out http://www.epic.com/privacy/1974act/

Fair Credit Reporting Act: FCRA lets you access your cedit bureau records and corrects inaccuracies and it alos allows you to obtain free credit resport every year.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act: This law does not provides a whole lot of protection against telemarketing calls but TCPA made it illegal to send unsolicited fax advertisement.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: FERPA limits sharing of the students and lets you opt out.

Gramm leach Bliley Act: GLBA allows you to tell your bank to stop sharing your information with third parties.

Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act: HIPAA gives you access to your medical records and limits the disclosure of medical information by health care entity or provider

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