Feb 20 2024

Key Findings from CrowdStrike’s 2024 State of Application Security Report

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As organizations shift their applications and operations to the cloud and increasingly drive revenues through software, cloud-native applications and APIs have emerged among the greatest areas of modern security risk. 

According to publicly available data, eight of the top 10 data breaches of 2023 were related to application attack surfaces.1 These eight breaches alone exposed almost 1.7 billion records, illustrating the potential for tremendous data loss if applications are poorly configured and lack effective protection. 

Application security has quickly become one of the most essential forms of security for the modern enterprise. That’s why we set out to understand how organizations are securing their applications today and the challenges they face in doing so. Our research team surveyed 400 application security professionals in the United States to learn how they are securing applications, the tools and processes they are using and how effective their work is. 

Here are some of the key findings… 

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