Feb 11 2021

Is your business ready for the new world?

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There is light at the end of the tunnel with Covid-19 and businesses will need to be ready for whatever it may bring. Perhaps not a business as usual or will it be a case of your customers may want to reduce their vendors and their services. In 2021 customers may want to do business with a vendor who secures their information and have a better chance of surviving disaster.

Embracing an ISO standard (ISO 27001/2) can help differentiate you from your competitors and show you as a business that can cope in this new world, using ISO standards as foundation will show the world what type of company you are, doing security stuff more efficiently, as well as effectively.

Working with DISC InfoSec who have 20 years’ experience in helping Businesses in the USA to successfully achieve ISO Certification by: 

  • Advice and Guidance throughout the implementation and certification process 
  • Risk assessment of existing Management System and Gap Analysis 
  • Design, build and assess a tailor-made compliant ISO Management System 
  • Write up all the Policies, Procedures and Flowcharts 
  • ISMS manual with all the relevant clauses 
  • Internal Auditor Instructions and training if required
  • Registration and Certification with a certificating Body of your choice

At DISC InfoSec we use International Register of Certificating Auditors (QSA/BSI) qualified Lead Auditors to carry out your implementation to ensure successful Certification.

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