Apr 29 2012

Is ISO 27001 Worthwhile for Your Business?

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ISO 27001 As A Business Tool
More than ever, information security is a key part of a business’ overall plan and objective set. ISO 27001 can help businesses bring their information security practices together and develop a strategy to raise awareness and vigilance throughout the business.

With ISO 27001, all of a business’ information security is brought together, meaning there is a far greater level of accountability across all levels of the organisation.

ISO 27001 is a highly worthwhile tool, a world leading information security management system which integrates compliance into an organisation’s everyday tasks.

Who Is Accountable For ISO 27001?
The short answer is everybody, however there is more to it than that. ISO 27001 stands alone as an information security standard as it places the sole accountability on the business managers. That is, ultimately the buck stops with them, however it is up to them to spread responsibility and delegate as they see fit.

It is down to the business leaders to clearly identify which information security risks apply to their particular business and then take the necessary action to remove the risk entirely, or reduce it to a workable, acceptable level. It is the full responsibility of the managers to check and maintain that ISO 27001 standards are being met across the business.

One aspect which makes ISO 27001 a highly worthwhile tool is that there is room for each business to implement the standard in a way that best suits them. This is far removed from previous standards which have been “blankets”, leading to businesses at times putting things in place when in reality that scenario will never apply to them.

ISO 27001 is only really worthwhile if a business and its leaders gives the necessary level of time and dedication to achieving its aims. The certificate of ISO 27001 is an acknowledgement that an information security management system exists, continuous work must be done to ensure that compliance standards are continually met and the business remains fully protected.

Strong Reputation
A business with an ISO 27001 certification will be highly reputable so long as the standards required are strongly upheld. A dedication to the protection of information, whether it be internal finances or customer details, is highly regarded throughout the world in an age where privacy is highly valued but not often respected.

ISO 27001 raises awareness throughout the business of information security risks, involves all employees throughout a company and therefore delivers a significantly lower level of overall risk.

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