Sep 01 2011

Information Security eBooks Download

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information security eBooks download sites

Studiesinn InfoSec eBook

Information-Security eBookee



Insider’s Guide to Security Clearances

Information Threats

Information Security Risk Analysis by Thomas R. Peltier

Information Security Risk Analysis, 2 Ed. by Thomas R. Peltier

Information Security Risk Analysis By Tom Peltier shows you how to use cost-effective risk analysis techniques to identify and quantify the threats–both accidental and purposeful–that your organization faces. The book steps you through the qualitative risk analysis process using techniques such as PARA (Practical Application of Risk Analysis) and FRAP (Facilitated Risk Analysis Process) to:

Evaluate tangible and intangible risks

Use the qualitative risk analysis process

Identify elements that make up a strong Business Impact Analysis

Conduct risk analysis with confidence

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