A complete solution to manage an information security incident

Managing Information Security Breaches

Even when organisations take precautions, they may still be at risk of a data breach. Information security incidents do not just affect small businesses; major companies and government departments suffer from them as well.

A strategic framework
Managing Information Security Breaches sets out a strategic framework for handling this kind of emergency. It focuses on the treatment of severe breaches and on how to re-establish safety and security once the breach has occurred. These recommendations support the controls for the treatment of breaches specified under ISO27001:2005.

Top priorities
The actions you take in response to a data breach can have a significant impact on your company’s future. Michael Krausz explains what your top priorities should be the moment you realise a breach has occurred. This book is essential reading for security officers, IT managers and company directors.

Read this guide and learn how to …

  • Avoid information security breaches
  • The author uses cases he has investigated to illustrate the various causes of a breach, ranging from the chance theft of a laptop at an airport to more systematic forms of data theft by criminal networks. By analysing situations companies have experienced in real life, the case studies can give you a unique insight into the best way for your organisation to avoid a data breach.

  • Plan your response
  • If something did go wrong, how would you handle it? Even if you have done everything possible to prevent a data breach, you still need to know what to do, should one occur. This book offers advice on the strategies and tactics to apply in order to identify the source of the leak, keep the damage to a minimum, and recover as swiftly as possible.

  • Preserve the trust of your customers
  • If your company ever experiences an information security incident, then the way your customers see you will depend on how you react. This book tells you the key steps you need to take to hold on to the goodwill of your customers if a data breach occurs. The book also offers advice on what to do if you discover defamatory material about your business on YouTube or on forum sites.

  • Improve management processes
  • Information security breaches are committed, often by ambitious or embittered employees. This book looks at ways to reduce the risk of staff selling product designs or customer data to your competitors for personal gain.

    “Information security is a key Board responsibility. In today’s information economy, the confidentiality, availability and integrity of corporate information assets and intellectual property are more important for the long-term success of organisations than traditional, physical, tangible assets. This book is essential reading for security officers, IT managers and company directors to ensure they are prepared for, and can effectively manage, an information security breach, should it occur”.